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Friday, July 13th, 2007
12:07 pm
Hope there aren't any triskaidekaphobes out there...
Happy Friday the 13th!

At any rate, I just wanted to say hi to everyone here. :-)

aka Puddlehopper on NaNoWriMo and ScriptFrenzy
Thursday, July 12th, 2007
7:08 pm
hello all
woot! i have poor output at nanowrimo, but at least average livejournal output.
5:51 pm
I have a feeling this will work really well, especially for writing-shares and crit, I mean. 

If we at any point want something more interactive a forum could be a good idea, but seeing as you guys are planning to meet on a regular basis in person, you might not need it.
2:10 pm
Like I said, we'll experiment with this until the next meeting.  I don't know what we are going to use this LJ for.  The mailing list will remain our primary way of communicating with each other.
10:16 am
This is just as well, since I do not know if I would be able to make offline meetings. I have already set up alerts for new notices in the community for myself.

Gee, a bit empty here, isn't it?

Hello. Hello. Hello.
Echo. Echo. Echo.

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